For Hoof Soaking First Aid,Giddyap Girls Oxi-CleanTabs™ Fizz Action Penetrates into Cracks and Crevices of the Hoof Infected Area that may not be visible by the human eye.

Helping Hooves Heal Faster…
Making Your Epsom Salt Bath… Work Better.
  • Works to Boost Effectiveness of Hot or Cold Epsom Salt Soaking Baths.
  • Helps Speed Recovery of Healthy, Well Cared For Hooves.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar & Tea Tree Oil are valuable fortheir Anti- Bacterial, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungicide and Disinfecting properties.


*Hoof Abscess, *Fungal and Bacterial Hoof Infection Treatments , *Deep Hoof Cleaning for Thrush Treatment, * To Prepare Hoof for Trimming in Dry Climates, *Epsom Salts or Cider Vinegar Soaking, *Graveling,*Any Reason a Hoof Needs to be Deep Cleaned or Soaked


Add 3 or moreGiddyap Girls Oxi-CleanTabs™ to each Soak along with your Epsom Salts or other preferred soaking solution. Rinse hoof clean before Soaking.If using a solution different than Epsom salts, place tablet in solution before hoof and test activity.

*For Best Soaking Results use with Giddyap Girls Original SoakingBoot®

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