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Giddyap Girls BioEZ® is a natural supplement to promote healthy digestion, and optimal hindgut function.
Specifically for horses, BioEZ® is a blend of probiotics, digestive enzymes, and prebiotics, that increase nutrient absorption and maximize bacterial digestion.
BioEZ® can help a wide range of digestive challenges and can be a lasting solution to persistent conditions like diarrhea, poor body condition, healthful weight and colic.
A healthy digestive system is key to overall well-being.  With BioEZ® horses will feel better, perform better and train easier. Whether you are addressing a persistent digestive problem or simply looking to boost your horse’s digestive efficiency, daily BioEZ® is your affordable and easy to use answer.

What makes BioEZ® better?
BioEZ® contains a ‘Broad Spectrum’ of Digestive Enzymes in pH subclass of Alkaline, Acidic and Neutral.   This comprehensive array of enzymes… break down food more thoroughly… ensuring better nutrient uptake.
Can a Healthy Horse Benefit from Digestive Support?
All horses can benefit from BioEZ® … because when the GI tract is working optimally, absorbing all of the body's nutrient needs from feed, your horse's overall health and wellness will improve…. as will their ability to be the partner you've always wanted.

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Benefits / Results / Solutions of Healthy Digestion

The digestive system fuels every other system in the body.  Improving nutrient absorption, naturally via BioEZ®, is an excellent way to manage total horse health and enhance overall equine performance.

Better Overall Performance
  • Better Attitude
  • Improved Focus during Training
  • More Energy and Stamina
  • Increased Power & Strength
  • A more Willing Work Partner
  • Ability to Recover More Quickly from Exercise
Solutions to Physical Challenges
  • Stool Conformation
  • Solves Persistent Diarrhea
  • Shiny Healthy Coat & Hair
  • Hoof Improvements
  • Skin Improvements
  • Decreased Gas – Hay Belly
Healthy Digestion – as the GI System Works more Efficiently
  • Better Appetite –  Hard Keeper will Gain Weight
  • Better Feed Utilization - Save on Feed
  • Helps During Transitional Seasons – Weather/Hay Changes
  • Healthy Weight Equilibrium
Because you Love Them Results
  • Helps Older Horses / Better Quality of Life
  • More “Sparkle” in Eye
  • Healthier Happier Horse
  • Helps Ensure Good Muscle Condition
  • Better Bonding & Enriched Rides
Healthy Digestion = Healthy Horse
  • Improved Immune Function
  • Efficient Nutrient Absorption
  • A Healthy Foregut & Hindgut
  • Reduced Risk of Ulcers
  • Reduced Instances of Colic
Videos / Testimonials

With a Healthy Digestive System, your horse can maintain optimum nutrient absorption, appropriate weight, condition, appetite and more.

BioEZ®  is produced in the USA and is endorsed by veterinarians, local horses and their owners.

Better Feed Utilization

As horses utilize feed more efficiently, less grains will be needed.
Farrier Jessie Explains
Helps During Antibiotic Treatments & Worming

BioEZ® helps keep the digestive tract working during treatments.
Vet Amazed at Results!
Attitude & Performance

When horses feel better they perform better. More Spark in Eye
Meet Vicki & Fred
Solves Diarrhea Challenges

One of our Huntington Beach Police Department horses, Rowdy, has had consistent digestive problems.  After seven days on BioEZ, his stool had gained shape and consistency, and he seemed more comfortable.  After two weeks, his stool had fully improved and stayed consistent.  His behavior and mood were better,  and his coat has started to become more smooth. He even gained some weight....without bumping his feeds.  I really like this product.  The results were more apparent than other probiotic products I have used.  We now use BioEZ with all the HBPD horses.
Thank you Giddyap Girls!

Melanie Rigdon, MNR Western Training Manager
Better Hair & Coat Improvements

Healthy Digestion Shows!
Meet Apollo

Older Horses – Gives new Spark

32 Year Old Horse is Happy & Healthy
Healthy Horse Red Bucket Equine

BioEZ® Saved Charile's Life
Diarrhea - Seasonal Changes

Solves Diarrhea in transitional times.
Better Attitude & Focus

For the past 30 days I have had Leonardo, my 7 year old, 16.3 imported Dutch Warmblood, on BioEZ dietary supplement. Coming from cooler climates and this being his first summer in Southwest Florida, Leo's once shiny coat had become riddled with bug bites and rain rot. Additionally, by mid-July, he showed signs of succumbing to Anhidrosis, the inability to sweat. After a few weeks on BioEZ, Leo's coat began to return, even softer than before and with a nice sheen. He maintained his weight in spite of the rain rot limiting his pasture time during Florida's rainy season.
In his last two homes, Leo had become moody and cranky. My initial training sessions with him revealed an inconsistent performance based on an erratic energy level. Eventually his training over fences became delayed by his heat-related afflictions. After 30 days on BioEZ, in addition to a healthy coat and renewed ability to sweat, Leo's attitude towards his work did a 180. His mind and body quickly embraced lovely advanced lateral dressage movements, and his form and balance improved dramatically when he was able to resume jumping. He won all firsts and second place ribbons at his first two jumper competitions, where he surprised me with being calm, confident and relaxed, both in the ring and in his stall.

Because of his now-positive temperament along with his rapid progress in dressage, I hope to start him competitively at 4th level. I would recommend BioEZ to other horse owners looking to help their horses optimize digestion. Better absorption of key nutrients results in a healthier body and better work ethic.

Candace Clemens, FEI trainer and USDF Bronze Medalist.

Happier Healthier Horse

I have my 2 grand prix horses, Contendress (winner of 2011 Grand Prix) and Cassandra (in training) on BioEZ and started my “girls” with this amazing product about 6 weeks ago. I have to say I was skeptical because the girls are already in top shape, so I was curious to see what BioEZ might do for them. I have to say both Connie and Cassie have been FEELING exceptionally well— no moodiness. Both girls are white/ grey so getting a shine is a real accomplishment— but they positively glisten in the sun! Happy, Health, Shiny horses is all I could ask for! Thank you  BioEZ!

Dustin Durham, 2011 Grand Prix winner
Hoof Improvements

Healthy Digestion results in healthier Hooves

Older Horse / Spark
Healthy Weight Gain &  “Sparkle”

Bob is older….30something and has been losing weight. His age was worrying me as he has not been the same. I started him on BioEZ® in May….and he gained 14 new pounds in 23 days. Now he has added 44 lbs more since July My Vet commented "look at his eyes…alert and bright". I am over the moon, as Bob is doing better than ever!

Warning Signs of Digestion Issues

Because horses cannot verbalize when they are not feeling quite right ….we need to look for behavior signs that could relate to digestion imbalance.

“Physical”  Warning Signs of Digestion Problems:
  • Diarrhea
  • Persistent Loose Stool
  • Dull / Poor Coat & Hair 
  • Skin Conditions
  • Low Energy
  • Resistance to Work
  • Lack Luster Behavior  
  • Poor or Sour Attitude
  • Hay Belly
  • Hoof Issues
  • Ulcers
  • Weight Maintenance Issues / Hard Keeper
  • Not Eating
  • Not Drinking Water
  • Feed Allergy

“Performance” Warning Signs of Digestion Problems:

  • Stall Vices, such as Cribbing
  • Pawing
  • Lip Curling
  • Sensitivity with Girth
  • Signs of Discomfort in the Midsection
  • Limited Movement
  • Difficulty in Bending – Left or Right, Collecting or Extending
  • Favors One Side or will not Bend to One Side
  • Lays down Frequently
  • Stretching as if to Urinate
  • Stride Length Shorten
  • Reduced Stamina
  • Reduced Power

Causes of Digestion Problems:

Even if your horse looks healthy, they may not be getting the digestive support they need. If you genuinely care about your horse's overall health - make supporting digestive health a priority.

Everyday Challenges Can Cause Digestive Disturbances \ Imbalances \ Problems

  • Weather & Seasonal Changes
  • Hay Changes – type or source
  • Water Changes
  • Poor Quality Hay
  • Sand Ingestion
  • Dehydration
  • Parasites

Certain Horses can be More at Risk for Digestive Disturbances \ Imbalances \ Problems

Older Horses
  • Immune System Declines with Age
  • An Aging Digestive System Necessitates Support

Horses that are Highly Active with High Stress Levels and/or Limited Grazing

  • Performance Horses
  • Young Horses being Trained
  • Horses in Competitions, Events or Shows
  • Exercised Regularly or Rigorously
  • Horses that Travel Monthly or more Frequently

Horses with History of Digestive Problems

  • Being Treated with Antibiotics / Worming
  • Compromised Immune Functions
  • Treated for Gastric or Colonic Ulcers in the Past
  • Have had Limited Grazing

Horses with particular Temperaments

  • Herd Connected
  • Worrywart
  • Aggressive
  • Timid or easily Stressed
  • High Strung or Excitable
  • Prone to Bitter Attitude

Horses that May be at Risk of Digestive Disturbances \ Imbalances \ Problems

  • Foal facing Developmental Challenges, Weaning or Sales Prep
  • Used as a Stallion or Brood Mare
  • Stall Confined for Up to Six or more Hours per Day
  • Stall Confinement Limits Movement, which is Essential for Digestion
  • Fed Inadequate Amounts of Fiber
  • Fed Concentrates
  • Fed High Grain Diet
  • Fed Only Two or Three Times per Day
  • Horses with Frequent Routine Changes
  • Prior Illness or Injury
Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Prebiotics

BioEZ® is a balance of  Digestive Enzymes, Live Probiotics and Prebiotics designed to enhance nutrient digestion & absorption – naturally.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes work with gastric juices on a molecular level to break down foodstuffs.  Each enzyme plays an important role, as do subclasses Alkaline, Acidic and Neutral in their pH factor.  BioEZ® ‘Broad Spectrum’ array of enzymes….break down food more thoroughly…. enabling better uptake of nutrients.   

More Nutrients = Healthier Horse
  • Protease Alkaline, Acid, Neutral: to split tough plant proteins to amino acids
  • Alpha Amylase  : to aid in the digestion of low fiber starches and sugars
  • Lipase Alkaline, Neutral: aids in solubilizing and breaking down fats and lips typically found in the diet and are essential for normal animal physiology
  • Alpha Galactosidase:  aids in reducing gas that is produced when too much galactosides rich plant components are present  ( gas can be a component of colic )
  • Beta Glucanase:  Breaks down long chain carbohydrates
  • Celluase Acid Beta , Neutral Beta:  make possible the dissolution/dissolving of plant cell walls and greatly assist in maintain good energy balance
  • Xylanase Acid:  improves workability diffusion of gastric fluids and breaks down hemicellulose
  • Pectinase:  breaks down plant cell walls for better nutrient absorption ability
  • Phytase  aids in utilization of inorganics and helps immunity


Simply,  Probiotics are beneficial ‘good’ bacteria that work in the digestive tract to facilitate nutrient absorption.  In addition, Probiotics fend off ‘bad’ bacteria helping the digestive system maintain “microbial balance”.

A healthy digestive system requires “microbial balance” between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria.   Unfortunately, this delicate “balance” can be disrupted faster than can be restored. 

Everyday equine ‘stresses’ can, and do, disrupt “microbial balance”.    ‘Stresses can include: age, illness, changes in routine, hay or water changes, training, competition, travel, weather, stall time, or antibiotic regimes.    

When beneficial bacteria {aka microflora} is disrupted, destroyed or depleted, pH level in the intestines is modified.   This change in pH influences digestion, and consequently, nutrient absorption lessens….resulting in a wide range of nutrient deficiencies.

Warning signs of digestion challenges include:  poor attitude, lower energy, diarrhea or loose stool, coat and hoof challenges, hay-belly, keeping weight, cribbing, movement discomfort, as well as, increased chance of colic and ulcers.


Prebiotics help support your horses naturally occurring beneficial bacteria enhancing probiotic activities.    They can be thought of as “food” for Probiotics….to help them grow, flourish, and be more effective.
Prebiotics can help Probiotics limit the number of harmful bacteria, parasitic infestations and pathogens in the digestive system.

Healthy Digestion = Healthy Horse

  • BioEZ® contain probiotics that are live/viable naturally occurring micro-organisms to help maintain a healthy “microbial balance” in your horse’s digestive system.
  • The probiotics in BioEZ® are microencapsulated to allow beneficial bacteria to pass through stomach acids and colonize in the hind gut as needed.
  • BioEZ® will help improve the absorption of nutrients from feed, as well as increase absorption of supplements.
More Nutrients Absorbed = Healthier Horse
Additional Info

Genuine horse people know that a healthy digestive system supports all aspects of their horse's health.
Healthy Digestion = Healthy Horse.
  • BioEZ® is a highly palatable powdered top-dress that can be fed in combination with other feed premixes or vitamin and mineral formulas.  
  • BioEZ® contains only beneficial ingredients that occur naturally in the horse's digestive system, and will not interfere with the natural production of their own digestive enzymes and beneficial gut bacteria.
  • BioEZ® is safe for pregnant mares, foals, performance and geriatric horses. 
  • Breed mares who are fed probiotic & digestive enzymes prior to breeding and during pregnancy may be healthier, with foals benefiting from receiving the maximum amount of nutrients in utero.
  • Contains No Artificial Preservatives or Coloring. 
  • BioEZ® is GRAS, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan.
  • Will not Test.  Cleared by the USEF.
  • The probiotics in BioEZ® are microencapsulated to allow beneficial bacteria to pass through stomach acids and colonize in the hind gut.
  • BioEZ® may benefit horses in times of reduced digestive activity caused by stress, antibiotic treatments or bacterial infection, de-worming, and for horses on long term medication.
  • Formula may reduce the impact of certain harmful pathogens, mycotoxins or fumonsins.  
  • Formula may reduce microbial, viral and chemical induced diarrhea.
  • BioEZ® neutralizes pH helping prevent and treat ulcers.
  • As horses utilize feed more efficiently, less grains will be needed.
  • Can be used as part of your horse's daily health maintenance program.
  • By keeping the digestive tract working properly, risk of colic is greatly reduced.
  • This product is produced in the USA and is endorsed by veterinarians, local horses and their owners.

How does BioEZ® compare to other Digestive Supplements?
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Feeding / Care

Safeguarding and supporting your horse's natural digestion process is one of the most important things you can do to protect your horse's overall health.

Fed Daily, BioEZ® supports a Healthy Digestive System, which can reduce incidences of colic.

* As Condtion Improves Reduce Accordingly, Keeping AM & PM Schedule
** Intensive Diarrhea - Consult Veterinarian for Guidance
Foals under Four Months - Consult Veterinarian
Scoop = 10 Grams

Tips :

Feeding BioEZ® daily compliments and ensures the horse is effectively digesting its feed and rations for optimum nutrient uptake.

BioEZ® can be fed in combination with other feed premixes or vitamin and mineral formulas.

BioEZ® may benefit horses in times of reduced digestive activity caused by stress, antibiotic treatments or bacterial infection.  For use in Prior to De-Worming, and for horses on long term medication.

Storage and Handling:

For optimum stability, store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight and in a sealed container. 
Never feed moldy or rancid product.
Buyer assumes all responsibility of use, storage and handling of the product. 

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It is recommended that you consult your Veterinarian prior to adding BioEZ®, or any supplement to your horse's daily regimen.

When health issues arise, always seek the advice of a licensed veterinarian who can help you choose the correct course of action for your horse.  Supplements are intended to maintain healthy systems and support recover and healing.  They are not intended to treat or cure illness or injury. 

GGBC Inc makes no claims or warranties expressed or implied and will not be responsible for consequential or incidental damages.


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